Habtamu Tibebe

Habtamu Tibebe is a passionate young artist born and raised in Ethiopia; a graduate of the Alle School of Fine Arts he now works full time as a studio artist. Habtamu’s art is vibrant and expressive; each painting is filled with artistic detail – from a distance much of his work appears to resemble perfect mosaics. But in fact he integrates letters and tiny intricate designs within his paintings as his signature background – these designs are also woven into the centerpieces of his artwork. Currently his interest and focus is on the early hieroglyph (ancient symbols) Sabaen (ancient Ethiopian text used from 700 BC – 600 AD) writing system of Axum” He primarily works in acrylics but also enjoys creating engraving designs on wood and transferring to canvas.

Whilst at college, Habtamu used this time of study to actively participate in art workshops and competitions collecting awards and gaining a solid reputation including a documentary through collaboration with artists from Norway. Despite his youth he has already held numerous exhibitions both as a solo artist and a group participant different art exhibitions in Ethiopia and his works have been exhibited in Italy, Sweden and US. he has visited many art galleries in Dubai, UAE, and acquainted himself with their works and offerings. and he is an emerging talent to take note of among artists here in Ethiopia.His interests cover the areas of canvas painting, visual communication, graphic design, teaching arts, and other arts related activities.

Personal Information

Name: Habtamu Tibebe Belihu

Date and place of birth: 30 November 1990, Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

Gender: Male

Language: English and Amharic (native Ethiopian language)


Bachelor of Artsin Visual Communication, College of Performance and Visual Arts, Addis Ababa university, Ethiopia. 4 July 2013

Areas of Interest

Painting, visual communication, graphic design, teaching arts, and other arts related activities.


Provided upon request.

Contact information

Ethiopian mobile: +251913625178 or +215941139613